Let us introduce ourselves

We are a team of unabashed and proud cat lovers based out of Dubai.

We love our feline friends! And we are so thrilled to be able to offer our services to people in the community who need someone to take care of their cats while they’re away.

All members of our team are pet owners themselves. We understand how cats need to be taken care of, how best to approach cats who may be somewhat suspicious of someone they don’t know entering their homes, and how to help them feel taken care of while they await their humans’ return.

Our founder has spent many years reading about and researching cat behavior in order to understand what kind of services would best suit the cats we tend to while the owners are away.

We’ve built our services on the foundation of knowledge, trust and respect. We are a fully licensed, professional service operating in Dubai, and we are proud to have garnered a reputation for our reliability and the quality of our care.

We cats

Meet Our Team