Standard Daily Visit

Our standart 30-40 min cat sitting visit is perfect for 1 or 2 cats, if they have simple routine. This includes feeding, refreshing water bowls, cleaning litter boxes and spending quality social time with your cat or cats. Every visit concludes with contact and pictures sent via WhatsApp to keep you updated.

Please note that your pet sitting cost may varied. Please check Dubai holiday period surcharge. Each extra cat will be 15 AED extra charge.

110 AED

Extended Daily Visit

Our extended 60 min cat sitting visit will be perfect if your cat likes an extra attention, or if the routine is complex, or if you have more that 5 cats.

165 AED

Initial Meet Up

Meet your cat sitter and brief on your cats routine to ensure we accommodate your cat's needs.

65 AED

Key Pick Up or Key Return

We will collect and return your key at your convenience.

50 AED

Cat Supply Shopping

In the event we run out of your cat food or other supplies while you’re away, we will do the shopping for you to ensure that your cats are well taken care of no matter what happens.

50 AED

Cat Taxi

Our cat taxi services can makes it easy for your furry friend to get to vet exams, visit relatives, or even travel to and from the Dubai airport. We transport pets comfortably and safely in carriers. No carrier? No problem. You can rent one from us.

250 AED

Additional Services

If you booked cat sitting service with us, we will be more then happy to water your plans, bring in the mails, or make any time-sensitive delivery as needed.


For any exceptional cat sitting services or anything you don’t see listed here in the cat sitting rates , please do contact us to discuss a customized service tailored to the needs of your cats or kittens. We love what we do, and

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